We are part of a family, far bigger than; the Guildford IWW.

We will not stop in our collective efforts to provide basic necessities, advice, and solidarity to workers, the dispossed, our friends, in our communities and workplaces; many reading this, know we will not stop. We will continue forward!

From the schoolyard, and smokers area, to Dengfest!

To the factory floors, the shit retail jobs, the bus depots, train-lines, dole queues, the Uni debt, the despair and disabilities.

Why go to classes, when you could sit on your arses!

Why got to work, when you could go on strike!

Or organise in your workplace.

The bosses give nothing to workers, to our friends for free.

All of our meagre ‘rights’ were won through organised, militant, class struggle over centuries; on the shop floor and in our communities. From the weekend, to the 8-hour day, and other employment laws; that both the state and employers have thrown out the window in the past few months (not that these were ever really enforced, or abided by – without the presence of organised workers, willing to take direct action and win, through struggle what they desire).

‘Words and music by Joe Hill!’ The IWW is often called ‘The Singing Union’.


What were those (school) classes for?

We’ve talked about this a lot in Guildford; just like the factories, the workplaces; their role was to make us obedient, servile, dis-empowered, dispossessed; and working for the bosses.

Over years we have learnt collectively, our lessons, and we have arrived at this point; a world in economic catastrophe, our habitat destroyed and plundered for short term gains and our own lives sacrificed to capital, the bosses.

We encourage: disobedience, agitation, self and collective empowerment, and the organisation of all oppressed people within our One Big Union, or outside of it; working against the bosses and fighting for ourselves.

With the vision of nothing else; but the end to a murderous and tyrannical economic system, and the emancipation of all.

…’organising industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old’… IWW Preamble 1905′


IWW Preamble

The forming document of the Industrial Workers of the World.


For the friendships we made all, along the way!

Our loved ones are being murdered by the bosses, murdered by management. There is no way out, but through, together.

We are being lied to.

Did it feel; like ‘Victory Day’? No we are being poisoned by the past, by nationalism. The virus is not just Covid-19.

Us and our loved ones, our class, left to die.

Without basic health and safety equipment; their lives, our lives, nothing to the short-term profits of an economic system, that does not work. Will never work. Cannot be reformed.

The only way out, is through, hand in hand, we must organise and overcome the struggle ahead together, with less surprise; confidence, and courage.

We know in Guildford IWW, as workers, as disposed people, we are in a class war; we are fighting back, we will continue, la lucha continua!

Capitalism, it’s nation-states; is a global economic system, that will destroy everything. That we held dear when we were children, that we still hold dear today. Capitalism, the state, and covid 19 are the virus.

Music. Friendship. Sharing. Disobedience. Solidarity.

And of course lets not forget, our close friends, and Fellow Workers in the London General Membership Branch of which we, are administratively apart! Sabcats in The Big Smoke!

LIWW Logo black

One Big Union – with lots of friends! Around the world!


The ember, of the Guildford IWW, started in a smoking area, over a decade ago.

Look after yourselves, and one and other. Create networks, talk to one and other; share, love and help each other.

If, and when you are ready – you are more than welcome in our One Big Union; not waiting around for anybody, to get anything done since 1905!
You will be amongst many friends, not just locally but that spans the globe.

We are well. We want to ensure that you are also.

Murdered by management!
Lied to by the capitalist press, and politicians!
No War But Class War!

Do not be afraid, remember:

‘Education is ammunition.

Organization the weapon.`

Aim true, and keep that powder dry.’


An Injury to One Is An Injury to All! Join the struggle while you still can, join our One Big Union! On the streets, on the shopfloor! Every role is vital, every role is voluntary and participatory! This is our fight! It’s in our hands, and together; the workers united, can never be defeated!


                                                      Abolition of the Wage System!


signed with affection, and solidarity, your friends;
from the Guildford IWW.

Forward! Adelante!

Join the IWW