Working-Class Hero is Something to Be

One of our fellow workers, in solidarity with their workmates; agitated toward, and instigated, a wildcat strike.

Our fellow worker, and her workmates, were treated like slaves, by the bosses in their workplace.

Fed up with overwork, underpay, illegal shifts and hours, zero-hour contracts, and no health and safety.

All of which, had severe impacts on every workers health, in this well known retailer.

Workers made demands, over these terrible workplace conditions, and these demands were ignored by the bosses.

These demands, were laughed at, mocked, by the bosses.

In response our fellow worker, alongside her work-colleagues, took direct action and closed the doors to customers.

Customers were being put at mortal risk, by management, given the present crises with Covid-19.

The bosses cared more about short-term profits and money; over the lives of their own workers and customers.

The workers refused to work, until their demands were met.

Refused to spread the virus to customers, and to be treated like slaves.

This same fellow worker instigated a slow-down strike, only weeks before; during this same workplace dispute!

These are some of the tactics we used, during our most recent dust-up with the local bosses, and… the outcome?

Sabcats in Guildford!


The results are in, more health and safety for workers, more money, more playtime; and much more respect.

The workers demands were met. Whose laughing now?

Are you having problems with management? Problems in your community?

Why not hit up the One Big Union – for advice, solidarity and lets not forget…

Direct action.

IWW, not waitin’ around for no one to get shit done since 1905.