The public and service sectors are the largest represented in the IWW, reflecting the widespread unrest within these sectors towards the mainstream unions, the government and employers alike. These are the workers that work ceaselessly to keep the health and education sectors afloat, that work in charities and government offices, workers who keep our streets, hotel rooms and restaurants clean and working well. Many workers who are often invisible, such as sex workers and homeworkers, are often overlooked by others, but the IWW knows that it is these workers who are hit hardest, stigmatised and exploited.

Mismanagement, long hours, low pay, no respect, and very few benefits are just a few issues that many of these workers face. The IWW seeks to help them come together and work in unity at the grassroots. Only through broad industrial organising can workers overcome the clever tricks such as subcontracting, irregular hours and homeworking that the bosses use to divide us.

Get involved in your union today:

  • Industrial Union 610: Health Service Workers (all workers in hospitals, workers in physical, mental and occupational health and in health institutions). Contact healthworker [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk
  • Industrial Union 620: Education Workers (all workers in education institutions, including lectureres, freelance education workers, ESL/EFL tutors, teachers and auxiliary workers such as cleaners and admin staff). Contact education [at] iww-manchester [dot] org [dot] uk
  • Industrial Union 630: Recreation Workers (professional entertainers, musicians, and all workers in places of amusement, sport and entertainment)
  • Industrial Union 640: Restaurant, Hotel and Building Service Workers (all workers in restaurants, hotels and hostels, including maintenance and cleaning)
  • Industrial Union 650: Office Workers (all workers in engaged in general, legal, public interest, and financial offices, e.g. charity, administration, bank and civil service workers)
  • Industrial Union 660: General Distribution and Shop Workers (all workers in cafes, shops, wholesale and retail)
  • Industrial Union 670: Municipal and Utility Workers (all park, cemetery, gas, electricity, water and sewage workers, and workers in refuse collection and recycling)
  • Industrial Union 680: Household Service Workers (nannies, cleaners, cooks, and all other workers that perform domestic services)
  • Industrial Union 690: Sex Workers (dancers, models, chat line operators, actors, and all workers who use sex and sexuality as the primary tool of their trade)

Contact rocsec [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk for more information