In early February, management at Leeds Deliveroo managed to infiltrate a WhatsApp group being used by our members to organise other riders.

Upon finding the names of key organisers Deliveroo acted immediately. Five riders had their full time fixed hours removed and are now only given minimal shifts with one days notice and limited to a few hours a week. Two other riders have been sacked completely.


Please support this hardship fund for the seven Deliveroo couriers. They have lost their livelihoods because they have been organising Deliveroo riders for better pay and conditions:

There is also a mass bike ride demo on 10/3/17:

Their hardship is immediate. Two riders have kids, all have rent and bills to pay, and as ‘self employed’ all have a tax bill coming in three months that most were expecting to pay from money earned in the last quarter.


Deliveroo’s actions are a direct attack on the right to join a union.

Our union, the IWW, is standing by us. But the IWW is a small union with limited funds and we need your support, now more than ever.

Money raised from this crowdfund will go directly to a hardship fund for the six workers that have fallen victim to Deliveroo’s anti-union attack.

The IWW is bringing onboard one of the sacked riders to lead on the dispute with Deliveroo and is contributing much needed cash to the hardship fund.

Solidarity to those that have supported us so far and to all those who work for fuck all! Special thanks to friends and comrades Unite community members and the IWGB.


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This is the gig economy in action.

We need your help now.

Please donate anything you can afford to our hardship fund.


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Mass bike ride demo in Leeds city square, 10/3/17: