Staff at EF language school in England and Ireland are facing potential mass redundancies.

The company is only offering the statutory minimum, meaning the large percentage of staff with less than two years of service will get nothing.

This is despite the fact that EF is a huge company that has millions in the bank and pays out millions to shareholders year-on-year.  According to Wikipedia, the owner of EF, Bertil Hult, has a net worth of $6 billion.

Whether working at a school that’s ‘hibernating’ or one that’s re-opening, all EF staff need the security of a decent redundancy package – a redundancy package that EF can clearly afford.

The TEFL Workers’ Union (IWW), which is supporting the staff at EF, is asking our members and supporters to take a moment on Monday July 20th to stand alongside the EF staff.

We’re organising a “digital picket” of the company. This means that we’ll be targeting each and every EF Twitter account to let EF know that the statutory minimum isn’t good enough!

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I stand with EF staff – the statutory minimum isn’t good enough!

EF has millions in the bank, pays millions to shareholders, and has a billionaire owner. Staff facing redundancy deserve more than the minimum.

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Other EF twitter accounts include:














For too long, the TEFL industry has gotten away with the minimum when it comes to contracts and working conditions. No longer!

Please note:

  • The TEFL Workers’ Union has not requested EF staff members participate in this action. The union is responsible for organising and promoting the action.
  • We are requesting that supporters don’t post on any of EF’s other social media platforms. Yet.