Anna Campbell, a dedicated member of the IWW touched many peoples lives with her drive and determination to fight for justice, truth and freedom in the face of oppression for peoples the world over.  Hers was a shining example to us all and we were touched to received the below tribute from the SUD Culture Solidaires in dedication to her memory.


SUD Culture Solidaires

Section of the French National Library


To the fellow workers of the IWW UK,


Dear Fellow Workers,

Our union learned with great sadness the death of your comrade Anna Campbell, also named Hêlîn Qereçox, last March 15th, in Afrin, Rojava, while she was fighting alongside YPJ against the Turkish army and jihadist gangs invasion.

We offer you and her family our condolences and support for this mournful event.

The struggles for social emancipation, for peoples’ freedom, and for women’s liberation Anna Campbell fought for through her union action in the UK or amidst the YPJ in Rojava, are our struggles too, and we want to join ourselves to the tributes paid to her.

We can only remember her total commitment to the struggle for our unionist and revolutionary ideals, and in turn declare that the best way to remember her is to keep up with the fight. Through her action, Anna Campbell has followed the involvement of so many IWW members, like Judi Bari to quote only one.

Our union, on its own level, participates to the gatherings in support of the Rojava and stands in solidarity with the social, political, feminist and cultural changes going on there.

We condemn, with utmost firmness, Erdogan’s authoritarian regim’s invasion and his use of mercenary packs. We stand in solidarity with every man and woman, be they from Rojava, North Kurdistan, Turkey or international volunteers, resisting this invasion in different ways and trying to defend the alternative Rojava.

We also stand in solidarity with the unionist struggle you fight in the UK as we fight it on our own level in our workplaces and districts.

We wish that the tribute to your –and our – comrade Anna Campbell will lead the way to a new act of international unionism and allow us to weave links in our joint fights.

Hit one of us and you hit us all !


Rest in power Anna Campbell !


Paris, 10/05/2018.

A PDF version of the statement is available here