We, the undersigned students at the University of Glasgow, stand in solidarity with the University and College Union (UCU) and their use of a Marking and Assessment Boycott (MAB). We are aware that the MAB may have an impact on our graduation and academic progression, as is already the case with at least one UoG student. While it might be tempting to blame the UCU for the impact of the MAB, the MAB was called following the failure of UoG, and the employer’s association it is a voting member of, the UCEA, to meet workers’ demands or successfully negotiate a resolution to this dispute which has been raging for more than three years and affects 145 universities.

We also acknowledge that the UCU’s fight for pay, equalities, working conditions, and pensions is our fight. Work intensification, work related stress, and lagging pay directly translate to reductions in the quality of our education and a fall in the value of our degrees.

UoG has promised that “no student will be prevented from progressing to the next stage of their degree, or graduating, because of industrial action”, but this is a promise they obviously can’t keep without taking shortcuts that make a mockery of our academic efforts or throw our lecturers and other university workers under the bus. Neither of these are solutions we are willing to accept. The only just way to end the MAB and ensure graduations and progressions happen on time is for the university to meet with the UCU and engage in meaningful negotiations now!

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Jerrell Treutel
Rachel Wastell
Zohra Iqbal
Eve Sharples
Daniel Scannell
Isaac Norwood
Malachy Harris
Nimaya Lemal
Siobhan Mulligan
Elsa Heme
Weronika Szylanska
Raven Snow
Gemma Moncrieff
Sam Warnock
Cinzia Ceriani
Kieran Gorman
Klaudia Milewska
Max Roberts
Kasey Gascoigne
Molly Davison
Daniel Brophy
Tilda Kinhult Staahlbom
Lee Roberts
Rebecca McCallum
Harry Wills
Sam Lawton-Westerland
Allen Li
Tilda Kinhult Staahlbom
Daniel Brophy


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