The Prisoner Solidarity Network (PSN) is part of the Industrial Workers of the World, Wales, Ireland, Scotland & England Regional Administration (IWW WISE-RA). This means IWW is the data controller responsible for the personal data collected as part of PSN activities. If you have any requests or questions about your data, you can contact the IWW Data Protection Officer:

Data Protection Officer, IWW, PO Box 111, Minehead, TA24 9DH; email: dataprotection@iww.org.uk

Before you can join the PSN Slack and WhatsApp, PSN/IWW need to get your consent for us to process any personal data you share on the platform according to the IWW Privacy Policy. This means, for example, that PSN Admins can read, collect, and store your posts on Slack and WhatsApp and take administrative or moderator actions based on the data, like editing or removing posts that do not meet standards set in the IWW’s Communications, Safer Spaces and Data Protection policies.

The IWW Privacy Policy guarantees your legal rights over your personal data. These rights include: access; erasure; rectification; the right to restrict or object to processing; the right to data portability; and the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). For more details about this and how the IWW manages your personal data, see the IWW Privacy Policy. Beneath this text, there is also a collapsed section containing a summary of the IWW Privacy Policy

By consenting to this agreement, you also consent and commit to using these platforms according to the standards set in the IWW’s Communications, Safer Spaces and Data Protection policies.

We also need your consent for IWW to share your personal data with Slack and WhatsApp as third party organisations. For example, when we add you to the WhatsApp group, we are sharing your phone number with WhatsApp, and we need your consent to do that.

Finally, we need your consent for your personal data to be processed by Slack and WhatsApp in accordance with their Privacy Policies. Click here for Slack’s Privacy Policy. Click here for WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy.

The IWW will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information to any third party unless they have your explicit consent, or they are required to do so by law. Although everyone who joins the PSN Slack and WhatsApp is asked to sign this agreement, we cannot control other people’s actions, so please be careful with the information you post on these platforms, especially if it has potential legal ramifications for you or others. Please do not share anyone else’s personal data on Slack and WhatsApp without their permission.

To document your consent, the IWW need your name, the email address you use for Slack, and the phone number you use for WhatsApp. This information will be stored securely and will not be used for any other purpose.

If you have any questions about this agreement please feel free to contact PSN to ask about it before you sign it. PSN email: psn@iww.org.uk