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Hi Fellow Worker,

The Education Workers Organising Committee is currently auditing our database and we need your help! The audit is intended to make sure that the records we have on file are accurate and can help us launch organizing campaigns as we get more active.

The data you provide by answering these questions will be used to keep our membership data up to date. Your responses will be securely stored on IWW WISE-RA servers and will be accessed and processed by authorised IWW WISE-RA Data Processors only. IWW data processors will handle the data according to the IWW WISE-RA Privacy Policy.

IWW Education Workers' Survey

We are asking you to complete this form because you are recorded on our membership records as an education sector worker and/or a student.

If you are a support worker at an educational establishment, then you are considered an education sector worker for the purposes of this survey. If this is the case, please tick "Education sector employee / worker, including support staff" and untick "I am not a student and I do not work in the Education Sector".

Education sector support staff, include, for example: anyone who works as an administrator, cleaner, kitchen/catering staff, porter, as security at a school, college, university, TEFL school, or museum.

The IWW is an Industrial Union, so we organise workers by the industry or economic sector they work in, not according to their craft or job role.

if you are not currently a student, and if you do not currently work in the education sector, please verify the next section below, which shows the data we currently have about you. If these details are no longer up to date and need to be changed, please edit the relevant information in the text fields before your submit this form.