Here you can find links to websites, reading lists and blogs of interest to education workers. Some links are general workplace resources, others are specific to those in teaching posts. The IWW is not responsible for the content of these websites, and the IWW as a union does not necessarily agree with them. They are posted here for information and discussion.

General resources for teachers and researchers

Information for Social Change: for radical librarians and information workers
Lib Ed: fo the liberation of learning
radstats: website for radical use of statistics
Riseouot: radical education blog from the USA
Infed: exploring informal education and social action
Census at School: International children’s census project
Cape UK: Exploring creative learning
Booklist on progressive schooling
Radical adult education reading list radical education library
RAD.EDU: Radical education blog
Edu-Factory: research on capitalism and academia

Workplace resources

IWW Workplace Organising and Law Advice Pages
The Guardian education pages
Anti-Academies Alliance
The Times Education Supplement
Hazards Magazine: Workplace Health and Safety
Worksmart: TUC workplace law hub

Resources for students and pupils

Educationet: leftish student news website
Education Not for Sale: Student group campaigning against privatisation in Higher Education

This page is updated when new links are found. If you would like to suggest a website for inclusion, please contact london [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk