Dear Brothers and Sisters,


The members of the Unite English Language Teachers’ Branch (Unite the Union, Ireland) send this message of solidarity to the members of the TEFL Workers’ Union (Industrial Workers of the World).


The travel and distancing restrictions the COVID-19 Crisis present are the largest challenge either of our national English language teaching industries have ever faced. This crisis presents long-term questions about how our industry will look and operate beyond the crisis and, in the medium term, questions about the viability of certain employers. In the short-term, financial challenges face each of us which threaten to set back the vital work of grassroots organising in English language teaching schools and of course destabilise our homes and lives. Not to mention the very real threat of this disease which threatens our very lives.


And yet, you continue to do the work of organising your union. We take this opportunity to stop and remember the great progress and and advancement your union represents. The continued coordination and solidarity we see on your social media is exemplary. Your commitment to each other is a model to all of us who follow your campaign.


We send special encouragement to all your members and activists active in the campaign for the workers in Language House. The actions your social media have reported happening in Language House represent the worst treatment that English language school employers can choose to take with their employees.


If we can be of help to you in your campaign there in any way – in correspondence, statements, research or in social media, please contact us and we will consider them as quickly as possible. You have our continued solidarity and support in this and all your campaigns and your historic organising work in the UK’s English language education sector. Long may it continue!


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Organising Training your members provided in Dublin this January. We look forward to organising a second as soon as this crisis abates and allows us to share time together again.


In continued solidarity,


The Unite ELT Branch