Hello everyone!

This is the Chair of the Translation Committee writing to you.

I am looking to set up a group of volunteer translators to translate materials and resources into different languages.

This would include things like general information pages from our national website, leaflets, articles and possibly training materials as well.

The work would take a few hours a month and I am hoping to get more than one volunteer per language, so that we can share and rotate translation tasks.

So, if you are an IWW member and a native or fluent speaker of another language other than English, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved and help the One Big Union grow even bigger and more diverse!

If you are interested in doing translation work please email me at translations at iww.org.uk with this information:

– your name and IWW membership number

– what language(s) are you a native or fluent speaker of and you are able to translate into.

– if they are languages spoken in various countries please specify the variation, like: Spanish/Latin American or Portuguese/Brazilian.

For the One Big Multilingual Union!

Translation Committee – IWW WISE-RA