Thousands of people are now behind the strike, Amazon have played their first hand, but what’s next? It’s time to build the strike fund! The strike referendum at Amazon is ongoing and will continue in all warehouses in Poland. So far almost 5,000 Fellow Workers have participated (as of September 20: 4886) – which constitutes over 30% of the crew from all over Poland. Collecting such a large number of votes proves the employees’ great determination. Our mobilization has already gained a response from Amazon. They have implemented one of the union proposals: they increased the minimum number of hours that must be worked to be assessed for performance. Thanks to this, we will work under less pressure. However, this change is not enough. So we are starting preparations for the next stages of the dispute by opening a fundraiser for our strike fund.

You don’t work at Amazon or logistics – why do we need your support? We’re not just fighting for ourselves! Amazon strives to achieve a global monopoly and the practices used by the corporation are spreading throughout the labor market. Poland is attractive to Amazon because of its geographical location, anti-labor laws, including a restrictive right to strike, and relatively cheap labor. When determining the amount of remuneration, Amazon takes into account the earnings data of local manual workers, but not the profits we generate. In this way, it exacerbates global inequalities.



Example? We earn 1/3 of the rate in Germany, even though we do the same job and send parcels to Germany. We calculated that in order to equate consumption possibilities with those of German “Amazons”, we should earn at least 54 percent of their earnings, i.e. PLN 25 net of tax per hour. Such an increase for employees in Poland is a marginal part of the record profit of $ 3.5 billion which Amazon recorded in the first quarter of 2019. Besides, thanks to our work, the company’s founder, Jeff Bezos, earns in a second as much as we do in three months.

Instead of significantly increasing wages, Amazon is increasing pressure to reach ever-higher “standards” (the number of packages packed per hour). This is favored by employing most employees through agencies or on fixed-term contracts. This condemns us to instability and permanent temporality. Did you know the “hire yourself in Amazon” ad? – at the same time, when mass recruitment is underway, hundreds of employees who have worked on monthly (including agency) or annual contracts without giving any reason will not offer another.

Amazon has become a symbol of technological development, but here 21st century technology simply serves to increase the control and discipline of labour. It also aims to intensify the work in which we use – as in the 19th century – mainly the strength of our muscles, exposing ourselves to future health issues. This has been confirmed by the Labor Inspectorate and court experts, indicating in studies that employees are exposed to strain that significantly exceeds the permitted norms. However, the law in Poland has so many limitations that only we employees from various industries and plants can improve our existence through action and mutual solidarity.

The referendum will last until further notice. We have already done a lot to undermine the anti-employee practices of Amazon-type corporations and we are ready for more. The strike service and the collection of votes continues. That’s why we encourage you: support our efforts today!