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As part of our campaign against Promise Training Centre (“PTC”), IWW published the personal phone number of Mr Hersi-Hashi, one of its senior managers and encouraged our members to call this number in order to complain about the status of Ms M., a teacher who had worked at PTC.

As a result of this, Mr Hersi-Hashi received a number of telephone calls in which he felt intimidated and harassed, causing him and his family significant and substantial distress. We apologise for publishing Mr Hersi-Hashi’s mobile phone number and encouraging our members to call it in this manner and we have accepted that it amounted to a misuse of his private information and a breach of data protection legislation. We regret conducting our campaign in this way and we would like to extend our unreserved apologies to Mr Hersi-Hashi for the distress which we may have caused. We have agreed to delete his mobile phone number and have instructed all our members to delete this information and ensure it is not further used to contact him again.

We also wish to apologise to Mr Hersi-Hashi for the false allegations we published which stated that he had lied to Ms M. and reported her to the police in an attempt to intimidate her. We accept that is not true. We also accept that PTC had not engaged in forgery of student’s signatures as we published. We apologise to both of PTC and Mr Hersi-Hashi for these false allegations. While we disagree with PTC about the employment status of Ms M., we recognise that it is the role of Employment Tribunal to determine employment status of an individual. We will work with Ms M. to support her claim in that venue.

Can any of our members who have not already done so please delete any copies of Mr Hersi-Hashi’s contact details that you may have, and not contact him again.