Reposted from IWW Scotland website:


The Clydeside branch of the Industrial Workers of the World fully supports one of its members, Rory MacKinnon, in his dispute with the Morning Star. Fellow worker MacKinnon was disciplined by the Morning Star for asking questions — just what a journalist should do. We urge all members of the IWW, and the progressive Left, to join us in a boycott of theMorning Star until this issue is satisfactorily resolved.

The Clydeside branch of the IWW is also concerned by the failure of the RMT to hold a full hearing on the charges of domestic violence brought by Caroline Leneghan, an RMT member, against her former partner, Steve Hedley, currently a candidate for general secretary of the RMT. These charges should be taken very seriously. The actions of the RMT in summarily dismissing them would seem to indicate that a macho culture continues to this day within the RMT, a culture in which the issues of domestic violence and sexual harassment are viewed as of secondary importance.

See here for Caroline Leneghan’s statement in full, and here for Rory MacKinnon’s.