Darllenwch yn Gymraeg yma.

Victory! With the support of IWW Cymru, a fast-food worker sliced through the dense bureaucracy of a franchise to stop them from jeopardising her pension!

One of our members in Carmarthen found that the franchise of a fast-food chain she works for had been stopping her National Insurance contributions. Her pension is due to start in December, meaning that if the company did not rectify things quickly there would be a shortfall in her pension for the rest of her life. Despite the demand for urgency, our member was told by HMRC that they would not be able to deal with the problem until October at the earliest!

After informing the franchise about the situation, explaining the law and all the correct tax information, the franchise passed the buck around and eventually claimed that she was wrong! They stated that she was of “State Pension Age”, despite the fact that she had sent them confirmation from HMRC that she, in fact, was not!

With the help of the IWW, our member was able to slice through the sluggish bureaucracy of the franchise, who finally caved in and rectified the problem!

Many workers struggle with problems like these because they don’t have a workplace union to support them, or their union is unresponsive. We support all our members to fight back, and we encourage workers to unite to build power in the workplace! Sound good? Join the IWW today!

Our member is now writing a pamphlet for workers to learn about their rights with regards to the payroll and tax system, and she is more than happy to help members who have queries.

Pop an email to: cymruwales [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk.