It’s been over a week now and no meaningful talks have happened between the IWW and the owners of Saramago.

Having endured a closed business all of last week and a nearly empty cafe yesterday, Saramago seem content to haemorrhage money rather than meet with us. The only way this dispute can be resolved to our members satisfaction is when they reinstate the fired workers; address the underlying issues and assure us that all hostilities against the workers union inside Saramago stop immediately.

In the last week we have held ten demos and seen immense support from Glasgows art scene, it’s union movement and the general public. Particular thanks to Aye Aye Books, and the workers of the CCA for their support. We have also raised nearly £5,000 for workers that have been unjustly dismissed, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed.

While we have waited a week for talks to begin, with little sight of Saramago coming forward, more hours tick by more and more of Glasgow becomes aware of the injustices inside Saramago and their cynical attacks on organised workers.

Unfortunately we have also had very little commitment by the CCA to the dismissed workers in Saramago. As Saramago’s landlords we would have expected the CCA to take a stronger stance in this matter.

  • We call on artists, customers and workers to consider if they want to give custom to a business that tolerates union-busting.
  • We reiterate to Saramago that the damage they’ve done so far to their image, their workers livelihoods and their own financial position is entirely their responsibility.
  • We are eager to talk and call on Saramago and the CCA to enter negotiations to resolve this situation.

Everyone who can is encouraged to support us. IWW Saramago members will be out demanding reinstatment tomorrow from 17:30pm and then again on Friday from 12-2pm and 5:30pm – 8pm and Saturday from 2-4pm.

For supporting the workers who have been dismissed:

*Edited for clarity