No-one wants to be back in their classrooms more than teachers: it’s where we feel most ourselves, what makes us get up in the morning despite crushing workloads and the decade’s long denigration of our profession and unions. However, as Cicero said, “the health of the public is the supreme law”. No teacher worth their salt will put their colleagues or students at risk. The same Government that told us that there was no risk in care homes tells us now that schools are ready to return on the 1st of June, all while defaming teachers and their Unions as lazy scaremongers. Don’t be surprised if teachers don’t take the Government’s word for it.

While an individual is vulnerable, there is power in a union. Teachers have their own craft unions such as the NEU and NASUWT, yet the increasing privatization of education has denatured the profession to something resembling the dynamic between management and staff typical of private industry. The IWW has a long history of representing workers of all industries, but specifically the most vulnerable in the private sector. Become a dual-carder today; become a member of the IWW and your teacher Union; effectively deal with the challenges of the modern school, and help return our workplaces to the democratic control of our communities for the benefit of our children, not Academy CEOs.

No plan:

Government guidelines are confused and incoherent

Not safe:

While the science is inconclusive an early return risks lives

Not good enough:

Base it on science track and trace, we return when we’re all safe


Leaflet Education No plan, Not safe, Not good enough


London IWW

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