On Saturday October 20th over 60 IWW members from all around the UK and Ireland gathered for the annual Organising Summit held this year in Sheffield.

The day started with a keynote session delivered by Bob Jeffery, Chair of Sheffield TUC who described their “Sheffield Needs a Payrise” campaign and was followed by a robust discussion where IWW Members present discussed the campaign and the implications for our own organising.

Following the keynote, the day began in earnest with a number of sessions running during the day including sessions from the IWW Couriers Network and ongoing campaigns in Logistics and Carework. There were also sessions on dual carding strategy, increasing participation on IWW organising campaigns, organising tactics under the new strike laws.

This was a really successful and productive event for IWW members and was rounded off by an enjoyable evening social organised by our hosts Sheffield IWW. Pete Davies, Organising Department Chair said of the day:

“It was great seeing so many young Fellow Workers from around the UK so obviously interested in class struggle and union organising and engaged in discussion. The task now for the IWW Organising Department is to build on today. That means working to include as many union branches and members as possible in our national campaigns and trying to broaden out our local campaigns where that is feasible or appropriate.”

Each year the Organising Summit grows from strength to strength and this years was no exception – roll on 2019!

A more detailed review of some of the sessions from the day can be viewed on libcom.org here.