Solidarity with striking UVW and PCS Royal Park attendants

From 30th July, Royal Parks attendants, dual carding with UVW & PCS, have been striking to end the racist treatment and second-class status of outsourced Royal Parks workers.

90% of outsourced staff at Royal Parks are Black and Minority Ethnic, versus a 90% white in-house workforce. Outsourced staff are employed through Just Ask, and receive statutory minimum sick pay, maternity pay, annual leave, and pension, all of which are inferior to those received by in-house staff.

We recognise the immensely valuable work the UVW have done in organising outsourced workers, and are proud to support the UVW’s fight against these discriminatory conditions.

We send our love and solidarity to our friends and comrades in our sister union, and have donated £200 to their strike fund.


Solidarity forever

London IWW Branch