The London IWW branch were contacted recently by courier drivers who work for MPH England Ltd. in Kent who had their wages withheld by the agency!

These drivers have been working as self-employed courier drivers at a local Amazon parcel distribution centre. The drivers hire their vehicles from MPH England Ltd, and are often working long hours 7 days a week delivering packages to customers of the multi-national giant.

The IWW were contacted after the MPH England tried to withhold three weeks wages for one of the drivers, along with a total of £560 and £670 for alleged damages in two other cases! After receiving contact, the IWW swept into action, contacting the Agency on the workers behalf, highlighting the illegal nature of withholding wages and the spurious deductions for ‘damages’ incurred. Following contact from the union, the Agency swiftly paid up and returned the money to the workers!

This case demonstrates how the IWW is always willing to take up a fight – no matter who needs help or where!

Perhaps more importantly, in the spirit of building real class power, the workers who were helped by the IWW have spread the word about our victory and the branch is now in touch with farm / orchard and warehouse workers, who are employed in various regions in the south of the UK and who want to fight for better pay and conditions!

As always, the IWW shows that direct action gets the goods!