The 1st of May 2018 marks the annual celebration of International Workers Day, and on this day IWW branches and members, all across Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England will be turning out in solidarity with workers of all kinds.

International Workers Day has a long history stretching back to the Haymarket massacres in Chicago on the 4th May 1886, following which, workers all over the world march in support of workers rights and to show solidarity to workers all across the globe on the 1st of May.

In 2018, we should be conscious of the need to continue the struggle.  With continued attacks on workers standards of living, via the increasing precarity of the workplace, the erosion of hard-won terms and conditions and governments allowing global conglomerates to act with impunity, we see workers continually undermined.

It is not just in our jobs that the working class face attack however. Through cuts to welfare provision, education, healthcare and with the cost of housing becoming increasingly un-affordable – forcing many into sub-standard conditions – we find the working class under assault on all fronts. Whether at work, at home or in our communities, our lives are demeaned, undermined and made more difficult – and all in the name of profit.

We say no more. We say fight back. As the IWW troubadour and organiser Joe Hill famously said: “Don’t mourn: Organise!”, and in the spirit of all those in the long proud history of the labour movement we say, join your union, join together to build a better society for all, and stand with us on International Workers Day!

IWW International Workers Day Events

Below is a list of all confirmed IWW led or attended events in celebration of International Workers Day 2018.  Not an event in your area? Check back later as more events will be added as they are confirmed!!


  • Saturday 5th May 2018, Churchill Way – Cardiff, 12pm
    • The IWW Cymru will be joining the Wales Trades Unions March and Rally through Cardiff with speakers from various Trade Unions including members from the Couriers Network Cymru!
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  • Tuesday 1st May 2018, Cenotaph (George Square) – Glasgow, 12pm
    • In conjunction with The Spirit of Revolt, our local historical archive for libertarian socialist materials, the Clydeside GMB will be having Assmbling at the Cenotaph at George Square at 11.30am before proceeding to a 12 noon rally at the Donald Dewar statue at Buchanan Street. Between 12.00 and 14.00 there will be stalls, and open mic and live music to celebrate International Working Class Solidarity.
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  • Wednesday 2nd May 2018, George Square – Glasgow, 6pm
    • Radical History Walk across Glasgow, stopping at sites of interest such as Montrose Street, Brunswick Street and Carlton Burial Ground en-route to Glasgow Green.
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  • Thursday 3rd May 2018, Kinning Park Complex – Glasgow, 7pm
    • Radical Imagination Presentation
  • Friday 4th May 2018, STUC 333 Woodlands Rd – Glasgow, 7-9pm
    • Memories of Development
  • Saturday 5th May 2018, Johnstone Terrace – Edinburgh, 11.30am
    • May Day Parade – heads off at 12 noon towards Pleasance Theatre
  • Sunday 6th May 2018, George Square – Glasgow, 11am
    • On Sunday 6th May the IWW will be marching on the STUC May Day March, starting at 11am at George Square, marching off under our Branch flags at 11.30 for a Rally at the Royal Concert Hall at 12.00. Following this, the Clydeside IWW will be heading to Glasgow Green for 2pm where they will be co-sponsoring the May Day Ending on the Green: a traditional celebration of Working Class May Day now being held for the 3rd year at Glasgow Green. A family afternoon of music, poetry, food, banners and fun.


  • Tuesday 1st May 2018, Charing Cross Station – London, 1.30pm
    • Meeting outside Charing Cross station, we’ll head to the May Day rally in Trafalgar Square. At the end of the rally we’ll march from Trafalgar Square, visiting a number of exploitative workplaces, where workers are in dispute, including the Ministry of Justice, Picturehouse Central and McDonald’s.
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  • Saturday 28th April 2018, Union St. Co-Working Space – Sheffield, 12pm
    • Come and join us the Sheffield IWW for our annual day school! This year our theme is “Organising in the Community” and will include:
      • An introduction to the IWWS
      • Sheffield IWW ‘Greatest Hits’
      • Fighting and Winning in Health and Social Care
      • Panel Discussion: Organising in the Community, Organising in the Workplace with Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign and ACORN
      • How to Fight for your Rights at Work
      • Film Screening – The Grunwick Strike
      • Deliveroo- Fighting the Gig Economy
      • The UCU Pensions Strike
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  • Tuesday 1st May 2018, Castle Park – Bristol, 12.00pm
    • Bristol IWW will be joining Bristol Trades Council on Mayday. Along with millions upon millions of working people Bristol workers will be raising the Red Flag, on Tuesday 1st May 2018, in honour of the international working class day that is the spirit of determination, solidarity and resistance. Mobilise your members, families and friends to join this major day for workers. Bring your Trade Union and labour movement banners!


  • Tuesday 1st May 2018, Parnell Square – Dublin, 6.30pm
  • Tuesday 1st May 2018, Liberty Hall – Cork, 5.30pm
    • May Day March and Rally followed by a May Day Concert at 8pm
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  • Tuesday 1st May 2018, Antrim Road – Belfast, 5.00pm
  • Tuesday 1st May 2018, CCA (10-12 Artillery Street) – Derry 6.30pm
    • Radical Workers Cinema Presents ‘Newsis’: A labour history for kids. Showing Starts at 6.30pm Admission Free!
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  • Saturday May 5th 2018, Arts College Gardens – Belfast, 11.30am
  • Saturday May 5th 2018, Guildhall Square – Derry, 1pm
    • IWW Information stall followed by May Day March and Rally
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