Worldwide we, the wage-related workers, are set in competition to support the additional value production. Regardless where we live, our gender / sex, nationality, we are interwoven in the same fight, if we want to or not. Budget cuts in social services, outsourcing, depressing wages, privatization, increasing costs of living as well as tuition fees and the destruction of natural resources are just a few of the symptoms of the global economic system.

A system that is based on exploitation and competition leads to commercialization of all aspects of our lives. We suffer from growing pressure to perform, separation, as well as the alienation of our needs and people, which we are working and living with. Be it at the workplace, university or increasingly even during childhood and youth. The logic of the market economy and the corresponding nation-state structures require that adaption to the dictate of competitiveness and the value-added production take priority over the development of emancipatory capabilities.

The introduction of a Universal Basic Income on the global level can be a first emancipatory step in overcoming wage labour relations.

We do not intend to simply disrupt; we seek to overcome.

This year we draw attention to the ecological crisis we all face. A crisis brought about by the endless search for profit margins by capitalist interests.

A crisis which will see wars raging worldwide, making the poorest of us suffer the earliest and most. With the current modes of production and working practices controlled by the capitalist class overcoming this crisis is impossible. The global ecological crisis is an issue for the working class worldwide. There is no Earth 2.0. There is no reset option or escape plan. There is only the future. We have to decide, and it is in our hands as the working class, if that future will be somewhere humans can live or not.

Given the transnational nature of the capitalist system, it is necessary for workers to connect on the global level.

By networking across borders, the global interconnections that shape our local conditions can be made visible. Furthermore it opens up new potentialities and scopes of action within the struggle against exploitation as well as precarious working and living conditions. The bargaining power of workers would increase tremendously, if we were to unite within the same value-added chain.

Especially in times of nationalism and racism, we seek the common struggle and resist being played off against each other.

For a better life for all – across all borders!
#globalmayday2022 #1world1struggle