Fight Fascism. Support our Academics!

Professor Nathan Jun, a fellow worker, activist, and academic at Midwestern State University, Texas, has been the target of a coordinated campaign of harassment in response to his public support for the protests following the murder of George Floyd, his anti-fascist stances, and his calls to abolish the police.

The attacks on Prof. Jun have included death threats, vandalism to his home, accusations of being a terrorist, and demands that he be removed from his position at MSU. The doxxing campaign is being led by known members in the community including those holding posts in government positions.

Thus far, MSU has done nothing to ensure the safety of Prof. Jun and have not spoken out publicly to defend Prof. Jun, denounce this ruthless attack, and ensure that his academic freedom is protected.

Attacks on intellectuals and academics is standard operating procedure for fascists who seek to silence any criticism of the state by discrediting opposition and violently suppressing those who dare speak out. Make no mistake that this is exactly what is happening. The failure of MSU to speak out and protect Prof. Jun makes them complicit in this action.

We know that we cannot rely on the state or our employers to protect us. It is our responsibility as education workers to stand up against fascism and attacks against fellow workers wherever they may occur. In this spirit of solidarity and community defence, we are launching a series of actions across the next two weeks targeting MSU and those involved in the doxxing campaign to hold them accountable for their (in)actions and threats.

As a first step, we encourage you to read this open letter to MSU and add your signature to it:

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