picture shows group of union members (faces covered by Wallace and Gromit Faces) demonstrating outside of workplace

Escape Room Worker’s Union demonstrates outside workplace

The IWW Escape Room Worker’s Union (ERWU) held our first ever demonstration outside the Bristol venue of the company Locked in a Room on Sat 16th Dec.

On Tuesday 12th December an IWW member was fired by the company without any investigation, disciplinary or evidence to back up claims of “recent conduct” that they refused to provide any specific details about.

These claims came from a senior manager and may be part of a wider trend of union busting by Locked in a Room following the alleged victimisation and dismissal of another IWW union rep earlier this year.

“This latest firing demonstrates that the employer believes they will face no consequences for such acts and we are determined to prove them wrong.”

Said a spokesperson for ERWU.

“The termination of a worker without them being provided with any evidence or examples, or an investigation, seems totally unfair. It’s seems that the employer wants to make an example and escape room workers likewise need to show that we won’t tolerate this treatment.”

The demonstration was well attended, including several other workers in the industry in solidarity, and several customers going into the escape room shared their support.

Chants of “Locked in a Room, shame on you! Worker’s rights matter too!” could be heard inside of the venue for over an hour.

Further actions are expected to show solidarity with fellow worker’s affected by union busting. Branches are also encouraged to donate to the ERWU hardship fund for affected members by emailing padlock [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk