March is Women’s History Month in the UK and International Women’s Day is on March 8. I think it is important that we celebrate these in the IWW.


8 March has been designated a UN day of action since 1975. However, this is not why we should celebrate it. The origins of IWD are found in the strike of 15,000 textile workers in New York City who took industrial action in 1908 over sweat shop conditions. In 1910, Clara Zetkin, leader of the SDP in Germany tabled a motion of an IWD at the Second International in Copenhagen. In 1913 the date moved to 8 March. IWD has been celebrated on that day across the world, ever since. I like to think of it more like International ‘Socialist’ Women’s Day than a designated UN day and we can take the opportunity to organise and spread appropriate events throughout the month of March.

Women and Non-Binary Events for March.

8 March: Global Women’ Strike – IWW is a named supporter of the global women’s strike. However, if you are unable to support a full strike there are other things you can do. Slow down your work. Taken your proper lunch breaks. Work to contract. Recruit, recruit, recruit. Take a duvet day. More information on the women’s strikes here:

9 March, 7pm – Historian Heather Mayer, author of ‘Beyond the Rebel Girl’ has agreed to speak to us about her book which centres on IWW women in the US North West. Afterwards we will have a discussion about what we can learn from these women to help us organise now. Sign up here:

14 and 21 March, 1pm: Organising for Training for Women and Non-Binary FWs. Sign up here:

16 March, 7pm: Part two of Reclaim the Agenda’s Sexual Harassment Workshop, ‘Everything you wanted to know about consent but were too afraid to ask.’ Sign up here:

The truth is FWs, we shouldn’t need an IWD or Women’s History Month, but while we are still exploited and not taken seriously, we should take advantage. Hoping to see you at some of these events.

With love, rage and solidarity,

Hazel – IWW WISERA Women’s Officer.