We are proud to announce the formation of the Brewery Workers Union! After years of organising in breweries we thought it was finally time to make it official. 



What is it? 

Bringing together current and ex-brewery workers to create a network of support, workplace organisation, solidarity, training and necessary legal advice and aid. As part of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union. The Brewery Workers Union will build on skills and experience gained from the IWW’s members and officers, whether they work in a brewery setting or not. 


Why do we need a union?

As the interest in and sales of craft beer has risen significantly in the past 10 years it has also meant more workers are being exploited, suffering harassment and abuse, working in unsafe conditions, working long and unsociable hours leading to serious injuries all on insufficient pay, leading to physical & mental strain, burnout and fatigue. 


We have seen the ongoing issues with BrewDog and a wealth of other breweries in the UK, as well as active organising from other trade unions, in the US and across Europe. We feel the time is right to form the Brewery Workers Union in line with the aims and code of the IWW. We have organised in breweries and supported brewery workers in London for many years and we are sick and tired of seeing workers being exploited. Now is the time to act!


How are we going to make breweries better places to work?

We aim to build on the networks we have – workers, reps, officers, legal teams and activists whilst working alongside other trade unions and activist groups to support and build solidarity with brewery workers. We will be organising workplaces, providing training on your legal rights including health and safety, contracts, grievances & disciplinaries as well as organising social events, running rep training sessions and so much more.



The London IWW meets weekly at our offices in May Day Rooms for drop-ins, planning, organising and more. The Brewery Workers Union currently meets once a month.


Brewery Health & Safety Training will be held on 30th November 2021 in person and online. Please email or message us for more info. 


We are a member-led union and rely on the mutual support and input from our members, officers and activists.


If you have any issues at work or would like to find out more: –

Email us at breweryworkers [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk

Follow us on Twitter @BreweryUnion