Parliamentary democracy has encouraged us to believe that all we need to do to be politically engaged is to vote every few years. But then what? We hope that the people we’ve elected make the decisions we want and we suffer in silence if they don’t; all the while waiting years for the next opportunity to vote someone else in who might just possibly make a better job at things.

But voting is not the only way we can engage in politics. And change doesn’t need to exclusively come from representatives squabbling for power. It can come from us ourselves, if we get organised and work together.

That’s exactly what the IWW does. We organise in our workplaces and our communities to deal with issues as they arise in the way we see best for us as working class people. From fighting for better working conditions to fighting for better living conditions, we utilise direct democracy and direct action to get things done ourselves instead of waiting for others to do it for us.

Join the IWW today and get involved in building a better workplace and the kind of community you want to live in.

Or in the words of IWW organiser Joe Hill – “don’t mourn, organise”.