Over Christmas, Antonio, a cleaner employed by cleaning contractor ISS at the premises of huge international institution of finance capitalism Bank of America Merrill Lynch, was sacked a few months after managers saw Antonio distributing IWW union joining forms, they hauled him into a disciplinary meeting without his union rep. Four days later (on Christmas Eve!) they sent Antonio a letter confirming he’d been sacked – they gave him seven days (until New Years Eve!) to appeal.

ISS accused Antonio of theft, something he vehemently denies. They allege that Antonio stole some expensive clothes that had been sent down to the garbage compacter by mistake. In essence, without any evidence, they say that Antonio found time in his overworked schedule to check a random package and steal from it. Rubbish!

The real reason for Antonio’s sacking is clear: ISS at Bank of America want to crack down on their outsourced cleaners’ attempts to organise a union. Antonio has two small children and has had to endure months of unemployment. ‘Negotiations’ with ACAS and employer ISS continue. An application for an employment tribunal has been submitted by Antonio…but wheels of court room sanctioned “justice” grind too slowly…time for us to up the ante! Time to take to the streets!