Daniela was employed by recruitment agency Sky Blue to clean at Liberty Global / Virgin Media’s offices in Hammersmith. Sky Blue are linked to blacklisting multi-national service provider and construction giant Carillion. Sky Blue management told her that they would not renew her contract and dismissed her a few weeks ago.

So why did Sky Blue really sack her?

Daniela was sacked after her employer learned she was pregnant. She was sick for one day few months ago and had to submit a doctor’s fit note to her employer. From that they learned she was pregnant and took the decision to release her from her contract of employment.

But she was employed on a temporary 3 month renewable contract right? So Sky Blue had the legal right not to renew her contract?

Yes. Like so many other agency staff, she worked without the security of stable employment backed by rights enforceable at employment courts. If you do not have two years continuous service on a full-time contract your employer can dismiss you for any ‘business’ reason and they won’t have to pay a penny in redundancy nor can you take them to court for unfair dismissal. Sky Blue did sack her for ‘business’ reasons…she was pregnant and they did not want to deal with the complications that come with her maternity care. Your employer can not sack you on the grounds of a protected discrimination and get away with it for ’business’ reasons.

But many do and get away with it because employment courts are expensive and so are lawyers you need to win…but DIRECT ACTION IS FREE & GETS THE GOODS.

Please send a message to Sky Blue management that this is not acceptable and to demand:

  1. Immediate reinstatement of Daniela.
  2. NO discrimination against pregnant staff members.

Email Liberty Global at communications [at] libertyglobal [dot] com. Please share