3 of the hospitality workers at Friends House employed on zero-hour contracts have lost their jobs. This is at Friends House London, the head office of British Quakers where – despite the organisation’s reputation as a ‘good employer’ – senior managers responded to objections to the use of zero-hour contracts by getting rid of the three remaining workers employed on them!

Two of the sacked workers are not only members of the IWW, but were also elected Unite the Union workplace representatives, and a third is a Quaker. One wobbly has been subject to ongoing intimidatory disciplinary processes, they all feel they’ve been targeted for being principled and outspoken at work, and their health has suffered. They are calling for:

1) The immediate reinstatement of the 3 zero-hours workers on a fixed hours basis without an application process and with back pay of lost wages

2) An end to the culture of intimidation and unaccountable decision-making.

3) A commitment to organisational change via a process that truly adheres to Quaker values of honest listening, care for others, and conflict resolution.
The IWW has held a series of weekly pickets outside Friends House, and we are calling on all friends and allies to show their support, either by visiting our picket lines, or by sending email to Friends House management and let them know that their behaviour is unacceptable.

To find times for the next picket, find a sample message to send to Friends House bosses, or read more about the campaign, check out our campaign website at iww.org.uk/friendshouse