WHERE: BMA HOUSE (click for map)

WHEN: 5-6pm FRIDAY 21ST JUNE (Click for Facebook Event Page)

WHY: The BMA are holding their annual conference in Edinburgh 24th-27th June. Hackney BMA have tabled a motion in support of our campaign for the London Living Wage for IWW cleaners at BMA House. At present the motion is consigned to the section “unlikely to be reached due to lack of time”. We need to make sure it gets onto the conference agenda. Please come and help us raise this issue and the sacking of Laura Vanegas one of the BMA cleaners.


Dear all,

The IWW have been running a campaign for our members working as cleaners within BMA House, the headquarters of the British Medical Association (the quasi-trade union for doctors in the UK). This campaign has been on-going for a year now, and involved demonstrations, letter-writing campaigns and petitions to try and raise the status and working conditions of the cleaners inside. After the recent sacking of one of our members there, and the continued unwillingness of BMA management to accord to us the same respect they themselves demand in the workplace, we have decided to go back on the offensive.

So this Friday we will be holding a (noisy) gathering and leafleting session from 5pm-6pm outside BMA House in support of our members’ aims, and coinciding with a BMA Convention motion put forward in support of us by sympathisers within the BMA.

Please bring flags, leaflets, good cheer and loud voices – we aim to make our mark, and show the bosses that even after all this time, we’re still around, still waiting for justice, and still ready to cause a nuisance!

Please find attached the leaflet to be used (print off your own copies if you can) and a map (see below):


Also, can all those who were issued branch flags make an extra effort to be there, and whoever picked up the branch banner bring it along too!

Many thanks for your help, let’s show ‘em what solidarity in action means!

See you on Friday!