Saturday 06 October (Click here for Facebook Event Page), 18:00 to 20:00, UCL campus, Pearson bulding (NE Entrance), G22 Lecture Theatre (click here for directions)



FULL DETAILS TO BE CONFIRMED ASAP – TIME SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Please check to Facebook event page for any changes.

UCLU, in association with UCL Defend Education, the UCLU Chilean Society and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), presents a discussion meeting on the student movement in Chile, with Chilean student Pablo Abufom.

Over a year ago, a vibrant movement erupted in Chile against the neoliberal private education system, demanding instead free, publicly funded education, and a more egalitarian society. The movement combines students and striking education workers with widespread public support; one poll showed support from 80% of the Chilean population, while on 29 August this year 200,000 people marched through Santiago.

Come for a discussion with Pablo about the practicalities of the Movement, and in what ways we can bring the struggle here to the UK, where students are also fighting against regressive government education policies, like the tripling of tuition fees, complete cuts to arts & humanities budgets, and the removal of EMA.

Useful articles for background:

Directions: enter the UCL Quad at the Gower Street entrance; turn left and follow the building round; enter the Pearson building in the corner of the Quad; G22 is on the ground floor.