This one is going out to the CEOs of adidas, nike, pentland, the north face, columbia sportswear, brooks, sauceny, under armour, lululeman athletica, next plc uk & new balance about degrading working conditions in the factories used by their sub contractors.

We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stand in Solidarity with the Play fair 2012 campaign to end the exploitation of Workers involved in the production of your brand name sporting goods and call for you to respect Workers rights.
We insist Workers are paid a proper living wage which involves you changing your purchasing practices when dealing with suppliers as well as addressing the negative impacts of your business practices on working conditions.  
We also insist that you respect Trade Union rights (Independent Unions not government run Unions) and Workers rights to freedom of association and expression in their efforts to end poverty and inequality.e) 
You need to be held accountable for your sub contractors, after all it is your product that is being made under abusive conditions for your profit and advertised (for free) by your consumers, and stop trying to deflect blame as well as responsibility onto others.
We also call for job security to be provided through permanent, open-ended and direct employment.
The IWW as a world wide Union will be in touch with other Unions and activists to discuss possible Solidarity actions to bring about greater awareness of your companies labour rights abuses and exploitation of our Fellow Workers for you the small business class elite.
Please keep us informed as to what you are doing to resolve these important issues
Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer