Dear Fellow workers,

Rumours and unofficial statements are being made regarding major gains in our dispute at St Georges – University of London. So far Ocean the cleaning contractor are refusing to talk to our union.  

A leafleting session by IWW cleaners promoting tomorrow’s protest caused a major stir at the University on Wednesday. Yesterday the Ocean CEO was summoned. Today there are indications of concessions.   

However UNISON bureaucrats are now lying that they have made the gains – banning official support for the cleaners demo and telling UNISON activists not to attend (see below). This is a disgrace and these are blatant lies. 

UNISON have one cleaner in their union at St Georges – all other cleaners are in the IWW. 

UNISON have never campaigned for the London Living Wage, and have actively assisted the management in their efforts to undermine the cleaners resistance to cuts. 

The protest on Friday at 4:30 is still taking place.  Keep up the pressure – Keep up the Solidarity   

We appeal to all UNISON activists and members to join us in solidarity


Chris Ford

Industrial Workers of the World

London Regional Secretary 

2nd Floor,

145-157 St John Street,

London, England

United Kingdom, EC1V 4PY

Disgraceful Letter sent to UNISON Activists by UNISON Bureaucrat to Undermine the Cleaners’ Struggle and Tar the IWW:



I admire your passion for fairness for these very low paid workers. I am sure that you intend to be helpful.

However we are dealing with this matter diplomatically.

We have a recognition agreement with the company concerned and we are making progress in negotiations with the medical school. All of which your intervention and the intervention of the IWW have caused us difficulties.

I have to tell you that your support for the IWW, a non TUC anti union organisation is not appropriate and unwelcome. I understand that you have a role with the NEC and I am surprised that you see fit to interfere in another branch in this manner and promote an organisation working against UNISON.

I would ask you not to interfere in our branch affairs. It is my Branch’s intention to raise this matter with the Regional Secretary so as to ensure that you uphold UNISON’s rules and codes of practice in future.

Many Thanks

Jane Pilgrim UNISON (Wandsworth Health Branch Chair)