April 14 2012 – Dear Fellow Workers,
Today the Industrial workers of the World (IWW) join with you in Solidarity, to greet you in the CNT.
We stand in Solidarity with you in your calls for quality employment carried out in dignified conditions and applaud your efforts to try to help build a better future with the rights of all Workers to express themselves and freely defend their rights.
We would like to commend you for your strength and courage in fighting for the wealth that is created by the Workers to be distributed fairly and not creamed off to the bosses or shareholders of this world.
Precarious employment, exploitation of Workers and a lack of respect for Union rights are all things which the IWW as well as yourselves and many others condemn.
The actions of Iliad Free, Asiacom and Totalcall management against Workers belies belief and flies in the face of all labour laws.
Such treatment is unjust and cannot be justified under any circumstances as it violates basic democratic rights and the right to due process of law.
We pledge our Solidarity with the CNT and wish you all strength and victory in your struggle.
Please keep us informed of any actions that you would like brought to our attention and we will offer our assistance in anyway we can.
For Workers Solidarity,
Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer