A letter of Solidarity with the CNT in Spain on recent demonstrations and protests against the governments new labour reforms.

Dear Friends in the CNT,

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stand with you in Solidarity in your calls for another form of Unionism, which we believe should be a grass roots Workers lead movement working within the shell of the old lead from the bottom up with no hierarchy.

This would then progress to Workers self rule across all industries where everyone would reap the rewards of their labour rather than the bosses taking what is rightfully ours.

As a world wide Union we condemn all states and their instruments of power, government, law courts, bourgeoisie business elite and security forces, who profit from the sweat of our brow by binding us to a life of wage slavery, with complete reliance on the state and look forward to the day of Workers emancipation.

The employing class and the Working Class have nothing in common and only through self organisation can we ever be free of our chains.

We look forward to further communication from your selves and wish you all strength and victory in your struggle.

For Workers Solidarity,

Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer