Nestle in Pakistan and Indonesia are still carrying out violations against Workers and this one is aimed at their attempts to prevent Women from taking up leadership roles in their Trade Unions by patronisingly offering them training courses to improve skills in cooking and homemaking.

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stand in Solidarity with Women Workers at Nestle’s plants in  Pakistan and Indonesia and fully support their calls for equality at Work.
We insist that Nestle stop treating Women as second class citizens with their lip service to what they call ‘gender balance’ whilst in reality trying to deny them any positions of responsibility in environments which are far from balanced.

Equal rights, equal pay, equal access to employment, training and professional advancement as well as the rights to balanced representation should be the rights of all irrespective of gender,  with rights to combine family and work responsibilities.
We also insist on the immediate unconditional re-instatement of all fired SBNIP members, the dropping of all charges against Kabirwala contract Workers and a return to the negotiating table to try and sort out current grievances in the work place.
We have contacted you now on numerous occasions about various violations made by Nestle against Workers and will continue to spread news of these arcane acts across the union and activist network worldwide untill we see vast improvements in your frankly obnoxious behaviour.
We fully support the Nespressure campaign and will continue to offer our support to them in which ever capacity we see fit until Nestle learns to respect Workers everywhere.
Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer