London IWW GMB, 10/03/2012 – The members of the London IWW General Membership Branch extends their warmest congratulations to their Fellow Workers of the IWW Cleaners and Allied Trades Branch on their latest victory in securing the London living wage for the Exchange Tower cleaners on 5th March 2012.

This is yet another beautiful victory for our sister and brother workers among the cleaners, and further vindication for the IWW Cleaners’ Branch and the IWW as a whole against the naysayers and defeatists amongst the officers of the classic trade unions. Workers’ self-organisation and Direct Action once again Gets the Goods! We salute and admire the cleaners and their organisers for their fortitude, hard work, and iron-clad determination. They stand as an example for all in the IWW and the working class as a whole.

The Members of the London IWW would like to take this opportunity to renew their solidarity, commitment and support for their Fellow Workers in the Cleaners’ Branch and their struggles. We have endeavoured to have as many of our members present as possible at each Cleaners’ Branch action and we pledge our full support — if the the Cleaners need anything from us, they need just ask!

May our FWs at Exchange Tower enjoy the fruits of their struggle and may this be one in a long string of further victories to come!


Cleaners Heron Tower WinCleaners Heron Tower Win