Igor Bakal an Israeli Activist is being threatened with arrest for refusing to serve as an army officer in Gaza.
He has served in the armed forces previously (2009 Lebanon war and 2009 in Gaza, operation cast lead).
After serving four years of army service Bakal became a dedicated Anarco-Communist who’s essays and comments influenced many people in Israel and the former USSR.
Recently he has been called up again for new operations in Gaza and has refused which is a crime under Israeli law which can be punishable by up to three years in jail which could be longer if he is charged with treason (For being a former IDF veteran turned Anarchist.
There is a call for donations to help with a defence lawyer and a call for protests outside Israeli embassies.
We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) are angered to learn of the threat of arrest against Igor Bakal due to his refusal to participate in Israel’s killing machine.
We stand in Solidarity with Igor and whole heartedly support his stance against a Zionist state, views for which we believe he is being persecuted for.

Freedom of association and the right to voice political opinions for or against any government are the rights of all Working Class people irrespective of religion or country of origin.
We call for the Israel authorities to overturn any draconian neo liberal capitalist attacks on its Working class young because of their political consciousness and care for people of other faith and nationalities.
Refusal to kill is not a crime, killing under any guise whether with state approval or not is.
We look forward to hearing of some positive news on Igor and other conscientious objectors in Israel and hope to hear of no more persecution of people for their political beliefs.
Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer