Allegations have been made that migrant farm workers in British Columbia, canada are being blacklisted for voicing their support for Unions and trying to exercise their basic human right to organise and bargain collectively.
President Felipe Calderon
Federal Government of Mexico
President Calderon
We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stand in Solidarity with UFCW Canada and the Agriculture Workers Alliance in an international campaign to stop the Mexican government reaching across Canada’s border to violate its labour laws and the human rights of Mexican Migrant Workers.
We are angered to learn of your governments and two British Columbia agricultural operations conspiring to blacklist Mexican seasonal Migrant Workers from returning to Canada to work due to their voicing support for the Union.
Freedom of association and expression, the right to organise and bargain collectively are basic human rights and your illegal actions which contravene international conventions will not be tolerated.
We insist your government ends these shameful violations and attacks on the Working Classes of Mexico which portray you in a very bad light.
We look forward to hearing some positive news on these shameful events
Andy Smith, International Solidarity Liaison Officer