We the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) urge you to abandon the prosecution of Trade Unionist Nikos Photopoulos, President of GENOP, along with over a dozen of his colleagues. 

Freedom of association and the right to protest against your governments policies (brought into being over pressure from other capitalist governments in the EU) should be a given right and we stand in Solidarity with the Working class people of Greece in their opposition to your draconian measures of entering the new property tax through power bills. 


The crisis in capitalism is not the fault of the Working classes and we will not be held responsible or made to pay for the greed of the 1% or its apparatus of state and government. We back the GSEE’s call on you to drop the charges against these Trade Unionists and look forward to hearing from you soon with news of a positive outcome. 


Andy Smith, 

IWW BIRA International Solidarity Liaison Officer