Demonstration in defence of Cegielski's fired workersDemonstration in defence of Cegielski’s fired workers

The demonstrtors first gathered on the premises of the factory and then

moved towards the Provincial Office. The bloc of Workers’ Initiative and

Sierpien ’80 together with the anarchists was chanting slogans such as

“Government out to the pavement, paving stones on the government”, “One,

two, three, four, stop those damn dismissals”, “A worker dismissed, a boss

hanged”, “Capitalism isn’t working! factories under the control of workers”

etc. Rhythms of Resistance samba group from Poznan supported the demo with

their rhythms. A banner saying “A worker dismissed, a boss hanged” was

dropped from one building on the route of the demo.


When the demonstration reached the Provincial Office, the leaders of

Solidarnosc trade union (which organized the demonstration) were declaring

a radical fight in defence of the workplaces and even “burning the office”,

at the same time they were buring car tyres. When the anarchists joined the

shipyard workers in the back of the office building clashes with the police

broke out, then the shipyard workers retreated as they were told to by

their leaders.


After the demonstration had finished, the cops on horses surrounded a group

of anarchists and WI activists, also those from Cegielski factory and took

their I.D.s. At the same time one of the WI activists interrupted a live TV

interview given by the boss of Solidarnosc and said “The members of our

union are being nicked over there, and people from Solidarnosc are doing

nothing about it, where is your solidarity??!!”. This event was trasmitted

live to the public TV news. None of the demonstrators was arrested. Three

cops and one unionist got injured and hospitalized.


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