This 40 page pamphlet published by the ‘spiritual leader’ of the PKK (Kurdish Workers’ Party) from confinement in a one-person prison by Turkey sets out the historical background of the Kurdish question and offers a strategy for its peaceful conclusion.

Originally a Marxist-Leninist organisation using guerilla tactics, the PKK has in recent years evolved its philosophy and practice. Drawing on the influence of libertarian socialist and sometime anarchist Murray Bookchin amongst others, and the experience of ‘real socialism’ in the 20th century Öcalan tries to overcome the contradictions of using a state, of whatever variety, to create freer conditions for a people.

Öcalan is also deeply concerned with women’s freedom and discusses this to some degree in the text.

With the current struggle going on between Kurds and ISIS in Syria, Öcalan’s writing is an important way to understand the demands and aspirations of an important section of the Kurdish people.

This pamphlet is available for free here: