The campaign against cuts and job losses in the National Blood Service will be holding a benefit party up in S. London to make ends meet and cast off the image that union activism is all picket lines and bad hair;

It’s picket lines, bad hair… and techno at the weekends!

Despite retreating in the face of protest from health experts and staff organisations, over 600 jobs are still under threat in the National Blood Service, an integral part of the NHS responsible for blood collection and purification. The government plan for fewer blood centres in larger buildings is in aid of slimming down the NHS at a local level for creeping privatisation. The NBS-SOS campaign, currently affiliating to the ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ alliance, will fight this every step of the way.


There will be a fundraising club night organised by JustDefy! for the NBS campaign in Camberwell, South London, on Saturday the 19th of July from 11pm. There is a free festival on Camberwell Green that day too, and we are the afterparty.


The night is headlined by legendary underground party DJ Jerome Hill, a techno DJ with the flawless skills of a hip hop spinner, he’s played verywhere from Glade to Sao Paulo to Hackney Wick:
and his label:

Dubstep from Louise+1:

Drum n bass from JNK:

Acid techno from Gergl (

and old school hardcore from Metra, who wasn’t alive then, obviously, but knows what he’s doing.

Craft Corner will be in attendance and patrons will free to make their own arts and crafts.

Your £5 entry charge will go entirely to the campaign.