Transport and communication are vital parts of our lives. Without transport everyone would struggle to get around the place, and without communications technologies everything else would be far harder from a distance. Ironic, then, that the government and private enterprise seem to be working very hard to stifle the creation of good quality, affordable transport and communications systems!

Unlike the other unions, the IWW does not pretend that workers can form partnerships with businesses or the state, because partnerships always let us down. If they are not letting you down by cutting your pay and conditions, they are letting other workers down by cutting services or driving prices up.

Thus the IWW, that seeks to unite all workers into one union, and looks to ensure that all workers’ interests are looked after. Transport workers, be they in the public or private sector, are providing an incredibly important service, and the IWW seeks to unite transport workers in order that their interests are not only defended, but also promoted and pushed to the fore. Similarly, communications workers are keeping us in touch with our friends and families, despite the bad conditions that many communications workers work under.

All workers involved in communications and transport can join us!

  • Industrial Union 510: Marine Transport Workers (all workers engaged in marine transport, including workers on docks and in terminals).
  • Industrial Union 520: Railway Workers (long haul rail, freight and passenger rail, plus maintenance and support workers)
  • Industrial Union 530: Motor Transport Workers (workers engaged in hauling freight and passengers by truck, bus, and cab. All workers in and around motor freight sheds, and bus passenger stations).
  • Industrial Union 540: Municipal Transport Workers (short haul and local transport workers and support staff)
  • Industrial Union 550: Air Transport Workers (short and long haul pilots, air and ground crews).
  • Industrial Union 560: Communications, Telecommunications and Computer Workers (all workers in communication and postal services, including telephone, television, Internet, computer programming and satellite communication)

Contact rocsec [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk for information.