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  • Sat 15th Feb, 4PM, MayDay Rooms.

    The Industrial Workers of the World in Britain (1913-1920): war resisters, the two Georges, a quacking duck, a bounty of booksellers, a police spy and much more!

  • This Summer, the Work People’s College, our union's summer academy and retreat, which has been revived since 2012, will, for the first time, also take place in Europe. We invite all IWW groups to come to Berlin from 24-27 July, to take part in this 4-day gathering, with trainings, workshops, and socialising for little and adult wobblies alike! The workshop programme and encounters are aimed to equip new members with the skills needed to build branches, organise and fight struggles to win, and for us all to plan how to build the One Big Union together.

    The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is an international rank and file workers' union. On alternate Saturdays in January and February 2014, IWW members in London are holding drop-in open days focusing on language and information exchange.


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The IWW is an international union.

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Generations of workers over the years have fought hard for the basic workers' rights to which we're all legally entitled today.

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