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  • This Thursday afternoon 26th February, 3 sacked zero-hour workers together with their trade union - the Industrial Workers of the World - will hold their sixth peaceful demonstration outside Friends House, opposite Euston train station, the London headquarters of the Religious Society of Friends famously known as the Quaker Church. They will be demanding their immediate reinstatement, but most of all to have their concerns about the misuse of zero-hour contracts by the management team heard by the wider Quaker community.

  • 3 of the hospitality workers at Friends House employed on zero-hour contracts have lost their jobs. This is at Friends House London, the head office of British Quakers where – despite the organisation’s reputation as a ‘good employer’ – senior managers responded to objections to the use of zero-hour contracts by getting rid of the three remaining workers employed on them!

  • CALLOUT: 24 Hour email campaign to target wage-stealing boss


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A London IWW hosted talk by Fellow Worker Nick Heath.

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  • The IWW is active in building service, including cleaners, restaurant and bar workers. Please check back soon.

  • All workers employed in hospitals and health restoration services.

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