Promise Training Centre, an English academy with centres in Hayes, Harrow and Tottenham sacked D at the beginning of the lockdown. Having employed her on a bogus self-employed contract, she was not entitled to furlough & left with no income at all.


The TEFL Workers’ Union has organised several days of actions to support D. We are asking Promise to compensate her with a month’s wage & to pay her the holiday pay that she didn’t receive while being falsely self-employed.


Read D’s personal account of the situatnion here:


When: Monday 18th of May, all day. Start on Sunday night!


What to do:


Email the owners of Promise, Fouad Hashi and Deborah Walton:


You can add this link, showing how an employment tribunal ruled in favour of falsely self-employed English teachers finding them to employees and, therefore, entitled to holiday and other employment rights.


For example:


Hi Fouad,


Promise Training Centre employed D on a false self-employed contract.


A 2019 employment tribunal has already shown that English teachers with similar false self-employed contracts were deemed to be employees. As a result, the company was made to pay all outstanding holidays to the teachers. Promise will also have to pay D’s holiday pay and a compensation for firing her.


Promise Training Centre, pay D now!


Or simply:


Hi Deborah,

Promise Training Centre’s harmful actions against D won’t be tolerated. Compensation must be paid to her, along with her holiday pay.


Shame on Promise Training Centre! Time to pay up!