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This is the second day of online action in support of Daniela. Thanks to everyone who supported us on the first day! We will keep naming and shaming Promise Training Centre until they pay Daniela’s holidays and compensation for sacking her. Today we will be targeting their social media.


You can read an account of her experience with Promise here: https://iww.org.uk/news/working-in-an-esol-training-centre-my-experience/


What to do?


Target their social media:



Leave messages such as:


Promise Training Centre, it is time to pay for your bogus self- employed contract, unequal, unethical  and wrongful treatment of staff. Stop hiding behind shallow accusations and lame excuses.

Pay Daniela her dues!


Doing the right thing does not come naturally for Promise Training Centre – stop being unprincipled and exploitative towards your teachers! Pay up and change your ways!


You can also try to rate them on Google reviews: https://bit.ly/2X9BuA4


Sometimes google reviews don’t appear immediately when many people are targeting a company, but this doesn’t mean you are the only one rating them!


When? Saturday 23rd of May, all day.