Fellow workers,

This time of crisis will be a test of our organisational capabilities. Once again, the working class are under siege and as a union with answers and the will to fight, we must not let them stand alone. If we fail to grow in strength and numbers it will be for no other reason than the fact we let slip a great opportunity, an opportunity to empower our Fellow workers.
We must learn from the established working class organisations, those others who aim at the education and emancipation of our class. I would urge all IWW branches to observe the techniques of these organisations and to use them for the benefit of the Union.

The strongest bonds of solidarity do indeed grow in work places but they can also develop in communities and friendship groups, the IWW must make itself known. If the working class is not to sink further in to defeatism and feelings powerlessness, we must act to show them that an organisation exists controlled by workers for workers and against their class enemy.

Fellow workers, we must prepare the ground for recruitment. More importantly, Class-consciousness and unity cannot be allowed to languish in the intellectual confines of ‘anti-banker’ sentiment.
We must dispel the lies of the right, that the crash was caused by ‘greedy bankers’ and ‘greedy, negligent politicians’, these people do not exist: there can be no ‘greedy bankers’ to be a banker is to be greedy; the system demands it; the same for capitalist politicians, the ruling parties care only for the ruling class and the ruling class thinks of nothing but greed and profit whatever the cost.
We must tell them not just that another world is possible but that it is vital and, ultimately, inevitable.
We must say: We cannot stop at a fairer form of capitalism, capitalism can never be made fair, we must create a fairer world a democratic world, a world that capitalism will never and can never create.

This should involve:
• The mass distribution of leaflets: in public places, workplaces out-side that in which you work, in pubs, bars and restaurants, at sporting events, community gatherings, among your friends and family and posted at the doors of your neighbours
• The organising of educational meetings and encouraging attendance to the educational meetings of other groups
• The creation and fly posting of propaganda posters, both advertising events and for agitation purposes
• The creation and increased usage of IWW banners, picket signs and flags with purpose of becoming a visible part of all demonstrations and working class initiatives
• The publishing of local manifestos, created by meetings in your area
• Public speaking and the use of stalls

Fellow workers, we have before us an opportunity. This is a time of pain and suffering for the working class. A state of affairs they had no part in creating but now must bear the brunt of. we should not merely act negatively, attacking the flaws of the system, but must stress the need for positive action and organisation of our class.

We must organise our class on the slogan: “We have weathered their storm, now let them reap our whirlwind!”